My 10 favorite video game logos (for Perfectionalism)

PlayStation 2
This is probably my overall favorite video game logo. When I first saw it, it just seemed so futuristic & momentous. It seemed like it was in perfect harmony with the design of the actual PS2 hardware.

Maybe my all-time favorite creative collaboration. The Designers Republic’s beautiful designs were peppered all over the game, the menus, the manual, the case, & the advertising. Not really a single logo per se, but it certainly deserves a spot on this list.

Panasonic Q
The Q was a Nintendo Gamecube with a DVD player built-in, manufactured by Panasonic & released only in Japan. The hardware was pretty silly looking, but the logo is wonderful & creative.

This is such a weird logo for a video game system. I think that’s why I love it so much.

Bit Generations
I love these Bit Generations logos. Bit Generations were a series of simple, design-driven GBA games published by Nintendo, & released exclusively in Japan. They are some of the best game boxes ever & they work really well as a set.

The newest logo on this list. Phil Fish is not only a brilliant game designer, but a brilliant visual designer too. This logo is an insta-classic.

Mega Drive
Outside of North America, the Sega Genesis was called Sega Mega Drive. I love this logo because it is pretty much the quintessential 80s-Japanese-Electronic-Product logo.

Nintendo 64
This logo is synonymous with the leap from 2D to 3D games. Also, when rendered in 3D, the logo has 64 faces & 64 vertices. That is some clever stuff. The colors seem kind of outdated, but it did a great job or representing the Nintendo 64.

A classic. Enough said.

Half-Life 2
Valve just does a great job with their logos. Iconic, simple & to the point. Instantly recognizable.

Honorable Mentions
Falcom, Guerilla Games, Wii, SEGA, Psygnosis, Katamari Damacy, Zone of the Enders, Capy, GameCube. (& the many more I probably forgot) <3

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